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Buying gifts for your child’s friend can be quite a tricky affair! And I learned this a few days back. One fine morning, my son came running to me and informed that his best friend’s birthday is the day after and that he was invited over to his place. So far, so good! But, the main situation arose when he informed that he needs to buy a gift for him. Now, honestly speaking I am not someone who is good at selecting gifts. I flounder most of the time. But, now I have no option but to search for the perfect gift that my son can give to his best friend. After visiting several traditional shops, I hardly found anything that caught my fancy. So I took to the online stores. I began rummaging through the different gift items. There I stumbled upon personalized colored pencils.

Colored pencils and that too personalized? Got to find out more about this….

In our childhood, we had used colored pencils in order to color the different images. But we never had personalized colored pencils. This particular gift item caught my attention. The images used and the information provided was quite useful.

How the whole thing works?

Like the normal colored pencils, the collection of personalized pencils also comprises of colored pencils. The only difference is that, the designers customize the pen as per the client need. What I mean here is that once you select the colored pencils, you need to select the customize option and place the order. The moment you select the customize tab you will be asked to provide the text that you wish to be incorporated on the pencils. I got my son’s friend’s name and best wishes written on the colored pencils. Each one of the colored pencils had the same text. The entire process was quite interesting.

Do you get a sample?

Ask them to provide you with a sample of the customized colored pencil. Check it out thoroughly. Is this what you wanted? If you wish to make any changes, do notify them and they will make the changes accordingly. Though initially the process might seem a bit difficult but in reality it is quite easy. Just decide on the text that you would like to incorporate.

These online stores also deal in promotional pencils cheap. In our childhood we hardly had access to all these different items. We went to school, gave books or toys as birthday gifts and that was it. But nowadays there are so many different options. And these customized colored pencils are one of them.

My son is happy, his friend is happy and I realized I am not that bad is selecting gifts as well.

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