b61If you want to do your bit towards protecting Mother Nature and at the same time promote your company products then opt for Biodegradable promotional pens and personalized pens.

“Eco friendly” is the latest buzz word. Suddenly everyone has become nature friendly and is looking out for ways by which they can protect the environment and play their role in reducing pollution. Different eco friendly products have come up which aims to maintain the ecological balance by using products that are neither harmful nor damaging to our surroundings and the environment as a whole. In the marketing field companies have come up with eco friendly items that not only help you to achieve your goals but at the same time also help you to maintain the ecological balance.

Biodegradable promotional pens:

These pens are becoming popular over the period of time. Crafted out of recycled material that can decompose easily, these pens are quite unique. When these biodegradable pens were launched, no one had heard about this concept. It was completely new and hence caught the buyer’s attention. Normally pens are made of plastic or metal that does not decompose and over the years can corrodes only. But with the biodegradable promotional pens you don’t have to worry about anything. Crafted out of recyclable items like 30% recycled denim, 30% expired, shredded US currency, 62% pre-consumer recycled material, recycled paper and so on. As a result, eco friendly products are being used to make these pens that are not only stylish, attractive and long lasting but also highly affordable.

When you are using these promotional items, you are conveying a message to your target audience. You are giving them a very clear picture of how you are conscious of the prevailing pollution and how you are doing your bit to improve the situation. A single, small step goes a long way. How many companies are out there who are using biodegradable pens? Think about it! In order to catch the consumer’s attention, most of them gift expensive items so that people take note of the gift. But in our desire to catch the consumer’s attention, we forget that it is not necessary for the promotional items to be expensive. Even a small but innovative idea can make the difference.

You need to know how to make the most of the item in order to get the preferred result. In addition to the pens being biodegradable why don’t you opt for personalized pens? What you can do is get the benefits of both the varieties from a single pen. Just opt for a biodegradable pen and then get it personalized by incorporating the name of your company, logo and trademark so that the pen has a personal touch with a customized look.

These pens are selling off as hot cakes. So why don’t you opt for these pens whereby you get your work done and Mother Earth is also protected.

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