wholesale novelty pensWedding invitation cards have become boring. No matter whichever layout you pick and design, it is more or less the same. There is nothing innovative in it. Why don’t you try out wholesale novelty pens? You can invite your friends and relatives through this pen. Wondering how that is possible? Well it is really simple. You need to get these pens customized so that you get the invitation printed on the card.

How to go about it?

The first thing that you have to do is select the right pen. Go for a pen that is broad. The greater the space, the higher number of things you will get to insert on the pen.

Once you shortlist the pen, get the couples name printed on one side and the date, venue and time imprinted on the other side. As such you will get both the information when you flip the pen.

Finally decide on the design. Since it is your wedding opt for wedding theme as a print. You can opt for small red colored hearts or even doves on the wholesale novelty pens. Opt for something that will set the tone of your wedding. Instead of circulating your wedding card, hand over the pens to your loved ones.

The idea is innovative and out of the box. Normally most of us would not conjure up such an idea. So why don’t you go ahead and do it? Do something different – something that is not normally done or thought of. And yes they are really cheap. It will be easy on your pocket as well.

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