cheap advertising pensAdvertising pens are interesting marketing tools. If used properly they can be the next big thing for your company. The market is full of cheap advertising pens and you need to be very picky in order to select the right one. We are highlighting 4 areas where you need to concentrate if you wish to edge past your competitors:


when it comes to a pen, a lot depends on how it looks. And in the world of advertising, anything that shines, SELLS! So concentrate on this aspect. Make sure that the pen is aesthetic looking. It should be visibly pleasant to look at, something that your user would like to flaunt and display.

The nib:

whether you are using a ball point pen or a fountain version, a lot depends on the nib. If the nib is not up to the mark, the entire experience will be bad. However a lot depends on the quality of the paper used as well. High quality nib will make the writing experience worthwhile.

Colors that steal the show:

play riot with colors. Opt for pens with colorful designs and patterns. Black and white is boring, colors are vibrant. They lend an attractive appeal to the otherwise monotonous task of writing!

Rubber Grip:

finally everything boils down to this point. There are many cheap pens for advertising that does not have a rubber grip; as such if your fingers start to sweat the pen will slip out of your hand. But when the rubber grip is used, you can be rest assured that your flair for writing will improve.
These 4 areas, when taken into consideration are bound to make the difference that you have been looking for!

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