pens1With the Month of Love round the corner, it is the best time to get things done. Surprise your partner in an interesting way. But for that you need to plan in advance. Hence we are here help you plan the most romantic Valentine’s Day over. Go ahead and tell her that you will out of station on the 2nd week of February due to office work. Either she will agree with you or give you a reminder about 14th February. Whatever the scenario, don’t give in. Just tell her that there is no other option but to go on this project. Let her sulk, the more she will sulk the more surprised she will be on the special day.

Now that you have cleared about your absence on this day it is time to decide how to make the day special. Decorate your room with flowers and heart shaped balloons. Prepare a chocolate cake from scratch. There are many YouTube videos that will teach you how to bake a cake for your ladylove. Gather all the ingredients and bake the cake. What about the gift? Have you decided what you will gift her? Buy a romantic card, loads of chocolates along with a personalized pen. Why we are recommending personalized pens is because you get to customize them the way you want. Select the type of pen you would like to gift her. Take your pick from ball point pens, gel based pens, stylus pens, click style, stick pens, fountain pens and so on. There are diverse collections out there from which you can take your pick.

Let’s get back to the personalized pens. Do you have a love song that both you simply adore? Or it is a love poem that both of you swear by? Get those lines imprinted on the pen with a personalized message. It is a great way to express your love to her.

On 14th February pay a visit to her and say that just for her you wrapped up your office work quickly so that you can spend quality time with her. Bring her to your home so that you can surprise her. Finally gift her the pen. Trust me she is going to get floored with this. Girls love well that out gifts. So this year, surprise her in the way only you can.

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