mardi gras pensOne of the most common pens used by college goers is the Mardi gars pens. Easy to handle and use, these pens are everyone’s favorite. No smudging experience while you write, no ink stains, just smooth writing experience. What a pen! Slowly but surely these pens are gaining popularity in the corporate field as well. No matter whichever corporate event you attend you need to jot down points at the venue. Hence, this pen is used as a corporate item in large scale. Moreover it is a cost effective advertising item that will be in everyone’s fingertips, always! How cool is that! Advertising just became way too cool!

Benefits and uses of using Mardi gars pens…

  • We all know how the custom promotional pens play a significant role in attracting the customer’s attention. You get to do this and much more with the Mardi gars pens. Give them away at trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, and training sessions and so on.
  • These pens are extremely strong and sturdy. They will not develop chips or cracks even if they fall from your hand.
  • The nib is great and does not break easily.
  • These pens are highly comfortable as you just need to click the tip when you are using the pen. Once done, click the tip again and the nib will go inside. Simple and easy, isn’t it.
  • You can carry it with yourself anytime anywhere. They come in a comfortable size and easily fit in your pocket or purse.
  • Interesting colors and designs make them super attractive. Take your pick from vibrant colors and interesting designs.

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