penHi writers,

My name is pen. I exactly don’t know when my actual birthday was, but it all started when I was named as “quill pen”. Since ages, many historians, writers and educated people of the society used me to complete their work and I had a strong connection with my writers. I gave the pleasure of expressing their words on paper and they also felt comfortable in using me. There is an old saying that “pen is mightier than sword” and I proved it right when journalists showed the power of pen against the trouble issues of the society.

As the time passed by, a strange and new thing evolved in our society and that is called modern technology. With the help of this, people experienced new innovations and made their life simple and fast. I too evolved and got new shape, new design and new structure. Ink pens and plastic pens came to the market and people used me like a hot cake. Later on, plastic pens with rubber grip was again a new thing that I wore on my body so that the writers especially school and college students do not get pressure on fingers during exam time.

Various pen manufacture companies like Reynolds and Parker come up with metallic, wooden and Gel pens. They made me classic, glamorous and exquisite. I used to travel from businessman pockets to industrialist pockets. I was used as a symbol of attitude and strong personality. People loved me as a gift item and I really enjoyed pamper from my owner.

Today’s age is an age of personalized gifts and I am used as a personalized item. People used my body to imprint the name of the company and I became the face of the company in the matter of brand promotion. This way, the demand of personalized pens also increased. The enhanced quality pens always receive great demand and I really enjoyed the new and attractive designs on my body. Pen dealers start up my business and attract more masters for me and I was overwhelmed.

Thank you to pen manufacturers, pen dealers and customers who has given me a new meaning in one’s life.



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