aesiWhy I absolutely love personalized stuffs is because you get to design them just the way you like it. You can practically give wings to your creativity. You get to experiment. The only limit to the entire experience is your creativity level.

…It is okay to be demanding!!

When you have decide to opt for personalized pens there is no harm in being demanding. And why shouldn’t you be? You have absolute right to get the pen personalized in the way you want it to be. After all you are paying money for this specific service so they better be good or dump them right away. There is no need to compromise. With so many online stores out there, most of whom offer the personalized service, you can easily shift from one provider to the other if you don’t like the work. If it makes you demanding, then let it be.

Be specific, don’t be shy…

I have come across many users who are aware of what they want but the moment comes for interaction between them and the designers, they develop cold feet and agree with what the designer has got to say. Don’t get shy or hesitate. Be specific of what you are looking for. You have to be clear about your demands if you wish to see the desired result.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions….

Never ever hesitate to ask questions to the designer. If you have any query or you are not satisfied with what the designer is suggesting, ask as many questions as you want. Until and unless you are satisfied with the services offered, do not opt for the service provider. Seeking answers will clear your doubts. If the designer is suggesting you any other design compared to what you are saying, find out the reason behind it. Why is it not possible to do what you are asking for? Asking questions will open up the different avenues and you will be able to compare the pros and cons.

Always insist on quality…

Make sure that you are purchasing high quality personalized pens. Do not compromise as far as the quality of the pens is concerned. In order to save a few bucks you will end up tampering the reputation of your company. If the pen develops cracks or chips and the nib gets damaged after a few uses, your target audience will malign your company image by spreading negative word of mouth publicity. Hence, it is better to spend a bit extra but ensure a good quality pen.

Prompt delivery makes the difference….

And finally the prompt delivery of your personalized pens is like the icing on the cake. Just like the way if the icing is not set perfectly, the cake loses its taste, in the same way; delivery after the deadline will mar the entire effect. So always insist on prompt delivery.

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