historycal penBallpoint pens have a long history. It is more than 70 years and counting that this pen has made its entry in our lives. For us to enjoy the comforts of ballpoint pen, many individuals have played a significant part. Some of the details are mentioned below:

…. And the year was 1945!!

The ballpoint pen had made its entry into the American market in the year 1945. László Bíró, a journalist by profession stumbled upon the concept of ballpoint pens. One day on his visit to the newspaper room, his fountain pen had stopped working. He observed that the machine cylinders applied ink on the paper in a unique way. This gave him an idea and he wondered if anything can be done. But there was a single point that acted as a hurdle. In case of a machine cylinder the roll moved backwards and forwards whereas a quality plastic pen needs to move in every direction in order to become fully functional. He realized that in order to make the ball point pens fully operational he required high quality ball bearings which required minute grooves in the head of the pen so as to draw the ink to the tip.

…. Milton Reynolds!

The moment Bíró’s pen gained popularity; American entrepreneur Milton Reynolds launched his collection of ballpoint pens. However the quality was not up to the marks and the sales decreased within a year. However, as he offered 2 year guarantee on his pens, people still bought them.

The poor quality pens offered by Reynolds led to people’s mistrust on the ballpoint pens. However with the passage of time people where not that interested to use ballpoint pens. Then the Paper Mate pen was launched by U.S. businessman, Patrick Frawley. Slowly but surely the ballpoint pens made its way back to our lives.

More than 70 years have passed and we still use the ballpoint pens in our daily life. So many different companies are manufacturing the pens and so many varieties are available. In fact nowadays Logo Ballpoint Pens are used as promotional items as well. All thanks to the founders, we have such a useful writing instrument amongst us that we can use it on a daily basis. If you consider all the inventions made by the mankind, the pen is the most affordable of the lot.

Nowadays you will come across many online stores that offer these interesting promotional pens that can be used for so many different purposes. In spite of computer and smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives, we still use the pen simply because it is highly useful and helps us to note down important points in a meeting, in school and even college.


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