customised penWhen you are a startup company, you somehow cannot overlook the role played by advertising and the positive leverage it can give your company. If you lack marketing experience, then you might hit a dead wall and you will end up hiring a marketing company to help with your advertising and marketing campaigns. But you will realize that it is quite expensive and is proving to be a burden for your startup company. Like any other company you would want to use the most useful option available so that at least even if it is not cheap, it should not be too expensive as well. So what are the options out there?

Why don’t you opt for customized promotional pens? A do it yourself marketing tool, this item has its own advantages over the others:

  • Cost-effective: you need to have a clear idea regarding how much you are comfortable spending. Generally a start up company does not have enough money to invest and in such a situation opting for customized promotional pens is a good idea. You get to buy bulk pens under $300 which is quite less compared to other forms of advertising. So you are getting value for your money as well.
  • Walking advertisements: if you look at the other types of advertisement – print, electronic or mailers, the consumer has to be there at the right moment so that the impact is achieved. But the moment the advertisement goes off air, there are high chances that your target audience will forget about the product. After all so many new items are launched every day. But with promotional pens the outcome is different. Whenever one is using the pen to write down, they are reminded of your company and the products offered.
  • Usability: when you are opting for a promotional item, it is always best to opt for those items that have good usage. One can opt for other creative promotional items like bottle openers, t-shirt, magnets and so on. But the question remains, how much will they be used. With javelin pens you can be rest assured that people will be suing them and will think about your company the moment they look at the pen.

fancy pensStart up companies have many limitations. But don’t let these restrictions act as hiccups in your desire to achieve success. Promotional pens are a great asset if you know how to use them. Have a conversation with the designer and tell them what you are looking for so that they have a clear idea about your requirements. You will be able to get the most out of the money invested. So check out these promotional items today only!

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