If you wish to make an impressive impact on your prospective clients then opt for pens with print. You can also expect to get interesting discounts when you place bulk pen order.

You will often come across promo pens being handed out at metro junctions, bus stops, malls and so on. In fact you can also go ahead and hand out promotional pens promoting your company. Just make sure that it will stand out amongst the rest. The moment you go ahead and do this, you will be able to attract the attention of both your current clients as well as the potential ones and in the long run, it will help to grow your business manifold. Following are three different ways by which you can make your effort stand out amongst your competition.

• Brightly colored pens: if you look around you will notice that most of the pens come in either black or blue. So why don’t you experiment with color? What about yellow or red or green? Visualize a pen of orange color. Don’t you think it will immediately attract the attention of the on-lookers? People will take notice of your pen. It will be easy to locate your pen even from a distance. However, keep in mind that since you are using a bright color, you should make sure that the company logo and tag line is easily available on the pens with print and stands out prominently.

• Good quality: as you are promoting your company with the help of pens, it is best to offer good quality pens. When you are handing out the pens, the pen acts as a representative of your company. And if here is anything wrong with the quality of the pen then it will reflect badly on your company. You don’t want people to judge your company on the quality of the pens handed out. So don’t compromise on the quality. Invest a certain amount of money in order to ensure the quality. There are many companies who offer exciting discounts on bulk pen order.

• Logo placement: opt for customized pens as you can decide where the logo will be placed, where the tagline will go and so on. You will find that your competitors have used all the available space on the pen to give information on the company. But trust me, this is counterproductive. On the contrary restrict your company name, logo, address on a particular area of the pen so that one will get all the information at one go while the rest of the pen appears neat and clean.

Keep in mind that pens with print are extremely effective, if you can make them stand out and attractive. Bright colors, good quality and the proper placement of the logo will make sure that you have a winner of an item.

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