It is time that you start taking care of your javelin stylus pen, mardi gras pens. Following are some of the important guidelines that you need to consider.

There is no better gift then a pen that can act as the perfect symbol of class and status. Over the centuries, pens have been considered to be the ultimate symbol of status. Pen collectors love to collect different types of pen and add it to their collection. But buying a pen is not enough. You need to know how to take their proper care. The right maintenance and care will ensure that the pen retains its performance and can be used several years down the line. Following are some of the interesting guidelines that you need to follow:
javelin stylus pen
• When you are using a javelin stylus pen you need to make sure that the spring that allows one to click the pen should be in the right order. Often it happens that when the pen is not used for a long duration of time, the spring gets jammed and when you click it, the pen hardly functions. So you need to make sure that the spring is in perfect order.

• You need to make sure that there are no cracks and chips in the body of the pen. In order to avoid this, always store the pen inside the box and keep it away.

• Check the refill and make sure that it is order. Often it happens that the refill tends to leak and the inside of the pen gets filled with ink. This happens due to the increase in humidity and so on. So check the refill from time to time. You can either get rid of the refill altogether and opt for a fresh one when you will use the pen. Or you can take out the refill and store it aside so that the next time you want to use the pen to write, you can use the refill.

• Check out the rubber grip in the mardi gras pens. Are they in proper shape or are they torn and coming off? If they are torn, then you need to get it replaced with a new one.

• It is better to hire a professional to get the work done rather than doing it all by yourself. The professional is expert and knows how to take care of different pens. Send over your pen to him at regular intervals and get it cleaned.

• And finally always keep your collections of pens in different, separate boxes so that each one of them gets the desired attention and remain in the right shape.

So what are you waiting for? Once you consider all these guidelines, you will be able to take better care of your pens. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and begin the process today only.

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