Among all art forms, drawing is possibly the most immediate choice. It is by means of the same that you will be able to put into effect your observations instantly. In order to draw, all you need is a piece of paper and pencil. Investing in the personalized colored pencils is a great way that can help you in putting to effect sculpting and painting.

This is one medium that remains accessible to adults and young children. Most varieties of the above-mentioned writing tools fit into two categories, namely; non wax-based and wax-based. Functionality is the singular aspect based on which both the wax-based and the non wax-based choices differ.

personalized pencils for students

Keeping in mind the need of the apprentice community, you will be able to find different types of personalized pencils for student.

If you are supposed to make a layer of colors, wax-based pencils are looked upon as the ideal choice. However, wax buildup is one of the issues you might be facing while using these types of pencils. To work with the Non wax-based pencils, you need to exert pressure. The advantage of this variety is that you will not have to face the problem of wax buildup. There are certain varieties of personalized colored pencils that do not fall under any of the categories as discussed above. One of such choices is the fine-art colored pencils.

This is similar to watercolor if you paint it with a wet paintbrush.
Children who make use of these writing tools must learn about a few interesting facts regarding the same. You will find the largest colored pencil at the Cumberland Pencil Museum. This is located in Cumbria. Since the year 2001, this pencil has been kept on display. The length of this writing tool is 26 ft.

And the weight is 984.05 pounds. The lead of this pencil is yellow and you can write with it if you are strong enough to hold it. In the year 2009, Jainthan Francis was responsible for creating the longest color pencil drawing. As per records, it took nearly three months for Francis to create this form of artwork. In this drawing, there are as many as two hundred colors, which you are most likely to find.

Keeping in mind the need of the apprentice community, you will be able to find different types of personalized pencils for students.

Some of the available choices that might suit your purpose are graphite pencils, sticks, water-soluble pencils and colored pencils. Water-soluble writing instruments are a perfect alternative to watercolors.

A majority of all the drawing artists make use of the above-mentioned four pencils as mentioned. However, you must understand that pencils are not the sole tools with the help of which you can accomplish your drawing activities. There are many other choices which are available. Search for the best online websites that can offer you with the personalized pencils.

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