Do you remember the writing instrument that you used when you started writing for the first time? Yes, I am talking about the “Pencil”. They hold a special place in everyone’s life. Each one of us has fond memories associated with the pencil. So why don’t you go ahead and make your child’s birthday extra special by gifting personalized colored pencils as a return gift to his friends. The best part about customization is that you can tailor make the pencils the way you want it.

You can ask the designer to incorporate certain messages on the pencil such as “Happy Birthday”, “Best Wishes” as well as the name of the particular friend. Each pencil will have the names of different friends so that you can easily slot out the pencils and give it to the respective child. This will add a personalized touch to the pencils. Children’s like to receive interesting and attractive gifts that are colorful and can be used by them and the personalized colored pencils are exactly that thing.

But before you go ahead and opt for personalized pencils for students make sure that the store from which you are planning to buy them have the relevant experience.

personalized colored pencils

If your child’s birthday is round the corner then opt for personalized colored pencils as return gift items as they are a great option and also quite different and uncommon.

Check out the site to see their collection of colored pens to see what they have on offer. If required check out two three different companies to compare the collection.

If possible speak to the designers to see what they have to say about the collections. Tell them what you are looking for and whether it is possible to be done. Seek their advice; see what they have to say.

If possible ask them to show you a few sample designs so that you get a clear idea about how the pencil will look like.

And finally find out the rates charged for these pencils. When you check out the different sites you will see that different stores are charging different rates. In fact some of them will be offering discounts as well. So take into consideration all these factors and then select the one that matches all your requirements.

The tradition of giving return gifts on birthdays are age old. And each child loves to receive them on their friend’s birthday. After all it is an added attraction. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order these pencils today only so that your child can gift them to his friends on his birthday. Make sure to place the order wi9th ample time on hand so that even if the store fails to deliver it on the stipulated time, you still have extra time on your hand.

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